What to Expect

new patients

new patients

The first step is to request an appointment. After doing this a time will be set up for the doctor to call you to connect. During this call you and the doctor will decide if we are the right fit for you on your journey before scheduling your first in office appointment.

If we agree that PHC is the best option for you, we will move forward in getting you scheduled. We will also have you fill out new patient paperwork prior to your first visit for the doctor to review.

day one

During your first in office appointment you will spend some time consulting with doctor to review your health history, discuss the goals you have for your future health and family and the goals you have for your life.

Following your consult, the doctor will perform a spinal health assessment including a physical examination and neurological scans to evaluate function and to create a baseline in which to work from.

Re-examinations will be done every 12 visits to track your progress.

X-rays may also be taken on this visit to determine the severity and complexity of any spinal subluxations that may exist because when it come to your health, we won’t guess.

The information collected on this day will give the doctor the information they need to make the absolute best recommendations for you to promote healing and help you reach your goals.

day two

At your second in office appointment you will receive a report of findings where all test results from day one will be reviewed with you. After you have received your report, a customized care plan will be presented to you based on what you need to reach your goals and regain your health.

The visits following your report of findings will probably be the ones you enjoy the most! They will last about 5-7 minutes and you will have your spine checked and adjusted if necessary.

Activator is the primary adjusting technique used. It is a light force and extremely specific technique that is safe and effective in removing subluxations in all areas of the spine.

It is time to take action…

and celebrate.